Safety System for Water

Water Safety System is a product
designed to prevent or limit water damage. The
system is developed to be user friendly with reliable functionality and attractive design. There are
five different product packages adapted to various needs and system solutions.
Manufacturer: Clorius Controls

System description 

Water Safety System WSS consists of a master unit, which is the brains of the system. A leakage detector can be connected to this to detect water in your house. This detector could be placed in a sink unit cupboard, under a dishwasher or in other locations where there is a risk for water leakage. In order to control the system, one or more control panels can be attached, normally placed at the entrance/exit to the house. The leakage detector, control panel and input link also have built-in temperature monitoring to shut off the water at low temperatures. If a pressure sensor is used with the master unit, pressure changes resulting from leakage can also be detected. This function is active when the valve actuator is closed. The master unit, electric valve and pressure sensor are placed at incoming water after the water meter. The system can be expanded up to 16 units. Communication between units can be either wireless or via BUS communication. If the water safety system is supplemented with the Webserver, the system can be controlled via the Internet from a computer, mobile phone or tablet. There is also an app for mobile devices running Android or Apple iOS.

• Detects, alarms and turns off

• Provides better control of the water

• Can be monitored remotely by app

• Can be connected to the home alarm system

• Connected wireless or wired

Select the solution that suits you best We have put together some package solutions that suit different needs and situations. Accessories allow you to combine and extend to suit your needs.

1/Start Package 
Used to easily turn off and turn on the water when you leave or arrive home at your house. Includes a master unit, a motor valve and a control panel. The control panel is installed just inside your front door and communicates wirelessly with the main unit, which in turn the water on and off.

2/ Standard Package
The Standard package has the same content and features as the Start package, but also includes a leak detector with two sensors. This allows you to automatically detect any leaks where the sensors are placed, for example, under the sink or dishwasher.

3/Standard Package Plus
The Plus package has the same content and features as LK Standard Package WSS, but also includes a pressure sensor that monitors the pressure in the water system and sounds an alarm if changes occur, even in the event of minor drip leaks.

4/Leakage Switch
A package with a master unit, two motor valves and two sensors. Used locally in places where one wants automatic shut-down of the cold and hot water if a leak is detected, such as under the sink the kitchen. More sensors can be connected to cover a larger area.

A package with a master unit, a motor valve and a sensor. Used where you quickly want to detect any leak, for example at a water dispenser or a coffee machine. More sensors can be connected to cover a larger area.